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Rumour Bar

Rumour Bar is located on the mezzanine floor of Rumour by Rácz Jenő restaurant, hidden from prying eyes, behind burgundy curtains.

Zoltán Szabó bar captain created this special place that transports you back in time to the illegal, Prohibition Era establishments of 1920s America. Just like its historical predecessors, Rumour Bar’s reputation is spread though the city in a word-of-mouth fashion…who knows who’ll discover it next?

The bar’s atmosphere

Unlike bars in similar restaurants, the selection is more about drinks and not only about cocktails.

There is a wide selection of rums and whiskeys, devided by country and even region. We also offer a huge variety of gins with appropriate tonic pairings.

The cocktail selection is basically divided into two groups: on top of the special, experimental drinks that reflect the creativity of our Bar Manager you can also enjoy the great classics you know and love.

The individuality of the creator is well reflected here, as both the favorite classics that the young Bar Manager loves to make, and a more interesting line, where Zoltan’s imagination can fly high has found a way into our drink selection.

Our true ambition is to introduce the Rumour experience to those, who would like to taste something really special from the Rumour Bar repertoire before or after theater, as the opening chord of a party or the closing of a romantic evening.

The Bar Manager

Zoltán Szabó

The well-travelled young man, who studied and was inspired in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, returned to Hungary a year and a half ago for the sake of the especially promising Rumour by Rácz Jenő restaurant. In his little kitchen technology „workshop”, techniques from the kitchen are professional accompaniments to the art of beverages. By using high quality ingredients provided by Rumour’s culinary team in the bar kitchen, there are also unusual pairings in the repertoire. Fresh fruit, like raspberry, passion fruit, rhubarb or pomegranate are also frequent guests in the kitchenette of the upstairs bar, where the young talent behind the counter makes his own syrups himself – a rare thing to do in the business.

Rumour Bar gallery

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