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Unlike bars in similar restaurants, the selection is more about drinks and not only about cocktails, as there is an especially wide selection of rums and whiskeys in addition to cocktails - these are devided by country and even region. The cocktail selection is basically divided into two groups: the great classics could naturally not be left behind on the drink menu. The individuality of the creator is well reflected here as well, as favourite classics (that the young Bar Manager loves to make) have been selected among the assorted drinks, such as Penicillin or Hanky ​​Panky. A more interesting line, on the other hand, reflects Zoli’s real creativity - this is where imagination can fly high - it’s no surprise that curious guests prefer this category. Zoli’s little kitchen technology „workshop” also emphasizes the great harmony within the walls of the restaurant, as techniques from the kitchen are also professional accompaniments to the art of beverages. By using “leftover” ingredients from the Rumour’s culinary team in the bar kitchen, there are also unusual pairings in the repertoire. The sousvide tub (a kitchen utensil used to cook food at a gentle temperature) is constantly running, using technology to make, for example, a gin infused with green peas and mint or the Chef’s favorite: a Blended Scotch Whiskey with the aroma of mangalica ham aged for 36 months. Also a rarity that all the syrups used are made by the young talent behind the counter: fresh fruit, raspberry, passion fruit, rhubarb or pomegranate are also frequent guests in the kitchenette of the upstairs bar. Flavored vinegars are also prepared on site - these are used as drops on top of drinks instead of citrus. Sustainability is a priority in each of the technologies: all raw materials are used for as long as possible, so that waste is minimal.

If you book in the restaurant, there is no question that you will encounter the most lush drinks on offer in the city. However, our true ambition is to also introduce the Rumour experience to those, who would like to taste something really special from the Rumour Bar repertoire before or after theater, as the opening chord of a party or the closing of a romantic evening. To this end, we organize periodic events, which can be tracked by using the Event Calendar or by following the Rumour Bar’s Instagram page. You can book a table at the bar - similarly to the restaurant - at the link or by calling +36 20 926 7837.


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