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An interesting event or piece of news which can be either true or fictional, spread via word of mouth at a quick pace. This idea and the “speak-easy” venues typical of the Prohibition era in the 1920s inspired the concept of Rumour.

Reminiscent of these establishments, the popularity and legitimacy of Jenő Rácz’s resaturant is unquestionable in the Hungarian culinary scene.

The restaurant

Rumour is a unique restaurant concept. A special and one-of-a-kind dining venue, where during the experience our guests can enjoy a multi-course tasting menu, getting familiar with the colorful range of dishes and rare ingredients of Hungary.

An evening spent at the restaurant can be compared to a dinner with a small number of friends. To underscore the exclusive nature of the establishment, the restaurant can only be accessed through a secret door, that is revealed to the guests when they arrive in the vicinity.

The chef’s table

Like in most “chef-table restaurants”, the most spectacular elements of food preparation take place in the open kitchen, in the middle of the “stage”.

That is why we seat our guests around the chef’s table surrounding the kitchen to ensure the most complete gastronomic experience possible. The Chef’s table rivals with a theatrical performance, where one can observe the products and techniques involved in the preparation of every dish.

The Chef

Jenő Rácz

Having started his journey around the globe at a young age, acquiring his culinary attitude and varied skills from the best chefs in some of the most iconic gastronomy destinations such as London, Copenhagen, Singapore and Shanghai. Due to his extensive international experience, he was invited to support a new restaurant opening in Shanghai, which was awarded by the Shanghai Edition of the Michelin Guide only five months after opening. He opened Rumour Restaurant on the 8th May 2021 in the heart of Budapest with a new, unique “concept ready to welcome you.

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